Syracuse University School of Architecture  New York  USA   '87 - '91

Co-Founder:  Romulus Entertainment Computer Company  California  USA  '91 - 95

Co-Founder:  Candle Opera- Colorado Candlemakers and the TeRF studio art gallery  Colorado  USA  '95 - 99

Self Employed Sculptor, Builder and Various Disciplines    USA   West Indies   United Kingdom   Spain  '95 - 2015


Education: 1987-1991 Syracuse University School of Architecture

                Five year architecture program under the direction of Dean Werner Seligman. Bauhaus and modern influenced school. The work of LeCorbusier and the other moderns was intensely studied. Syracuse was respected for a curriculum that balanced strong structural engineering and environmental control systems with architectural spacial theory, history and philosophy.

Independent studies with Kermit Lee Jr., FAIA, founder of the company Energenesis. Included work on recycling and renewable energy resources.


1991-1995: Co-founder, Romulus Entertainment Computer Company, Los Angeles, California.

          In May, 1992, cooperatively responsible for releasing the first full-length, fully digital movie for the computer in the world. Our company expanded from four founding members to 40 employees in a year and created some of the earliest interactive CD-Rom's in the computer marketplace.


1995-1999: Co-founder, Candle Opera, Colorado Candlemakers and The terf Studio, Boulder, Colorado. Self employed Sculptor.

          Created with my brother Todd, Candle Opera was a retail/manufacturing company located on the popular Pearl Street in Boulder. Candle Opera offered candlemaking classes and manufactured the largest candles in the world at the time. The terf Studio art gallery ran concurrently with Candle Opera showcasing the steelworks of Stanton Segner and myself, along with periodic exhibits including the photography of the Cubans Roberto and Osvaldo Salas. My sculptures and associated steelwork were exhibited extensively at this time in my own spaces and on locations including the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado and the Paramount Theater and 'The Church' in Denver.


Volunteer work, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Caribbean, Galapagos and other Environmental pursuits:

          2004, EAG, Environmental Awareness Group, Antigua, West Indies

                Radio tracked tagged Antigua Racer Snakes on offshore island in the north sound of Antigua for monitoring purposes. Successfully tracked one out of six large adults that were part of the temporary monitoring program. The Antigua racer was thought to be extinct until a small number were rediscovered six years ago on one offshore island. No racers live on the main island of Antigua. At a known population of only about 160 individuals, the Antigua racer is one of the rarest snake species in the world. Human population, rats and mongoose (introduced to the island to control the rat population) cause of the racers destruction.

          2002, SOS, Save Our Seaturtles and ET, Environment Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies

                Night beach patrols with SOS for the protection of the Giant Leatherback Sea turtle during nesting season including cataloguing, measuring and informational guiding for tourists.

                Assisted ET in the organization and execution of the Kilgwyn Swamp Cleanup in Tobago, an important wetland breeding area and mango forest. Over 40 full dump truck loads of garbage ranging from stoves to gum wrappers removed from the mangoes over the course of two months.

          2000, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society International

                Sailed with Captain Paul Watson on Sea Shepherd’s flagship from April to October on Galapagos campaign. Main responsibility while sailing was that of coxswain, captaining and maintaining the small vessels (two zodiac style boats and two jet skis) and davits in good repair and captaining the 140hp. zodiac in open water. Additional but not all duties included incinerator design and refuse disposal, general deck repair and rough weather security, bridge watches, and the particularly dangerous job of anchor chain manipulation during hoisting that almost killed me when the windlass operator messed up.

          Galapagos Campaign Itinerary:

          St. Lucia- Exposure of illegal whaling. Included filming fishing activities for press submittal and open water zodiac encounters with whalers.

          Tobago- Open water zodiac captaining to deliver goods and personnel to remote beaches for night time turtle patrols.

          Panama Canal crossing, Puntarenas, Costa Rica and Coco Island Marine Park. Exposure of illegal fishing activities within Marine Conservation Area. Apprehended Ecuadorian longline vessel and eight dories and delivered them to the Costa Rican authorities. Sea Shepherd recovered over 12 miles of longline from the water of the marine park.  

          Galapagos Islands- Delivered goods and services to Galapagos National Park. Rendezvous with sister ship on permanent Galapagos patrol. Exposure of  illegal activities within the park system.

          1993-5, Los Angeles Sea Lion Rescue

                 Transported and released rehabilitated sea lions. They really stunk up the car, it had to be sold. Fortunately it wasn’t mine.

                NAUI certified in Los Angeles, 1994 although I have a hard time equalizing my left ear and have therefore spent countless hours on snorkel and with the local fishermen of Tobago and the conch fishermen of Antigua. Diving experiences include the pleasure of being among hundreds of hammerhead sharks the size of station wagons at Cocos Island.

2008 - 2013:  Renovation of Grade II Listed North Wales Cottage and various:    



1995 - 2015: Self employed sculptor. Exhibitions/representation include:

 1995-2000 theTeRFstudio  Boulder, Colorado, USA

 2001-2  Kariwak Village  Tobago  West Indies

2003  Fine Art Framing  Antigua  West Indies

2003-4  Harmony Hall  Antigua  West Indies

2004-5 New Arts Gallery  Connecticut  USA

2005 Sunlee Gallery  Uppingham  UK

2006 Hudson River Museum  New York  USA

2007-8 John Bloxham Gallery  London  UK

2010 Can Cuadrada Majo  Barcelona  Spain
2014 - 15  Lacey Contemporary  Notting Hill  London  UK


 In addition to my formal architectural education I have considerable practical building experience working for my family's building company, Over Mountain Builders, who specialize in quality, light wood frame construction and carpentry. I have designed and completed full sets of drawings for two existing homes in the Northeastern US, including my family residence built in 2000 (photo right), and have participated in the renovation/construction of many other homes and barns from foundation to finish work.  Most recently, the renovation of my Grade II listed cottage in North Wales has familiarized me with stone construction and its particular environmental attributes. 





I grew up deer hunting with my father in the north eastern United States, though I never carried a gun. I purchased my first boat at eleven and have owned one or another vessel ever since. I have had many and various pets in my life ranging from a black widow spider to a Chinese Water Dragon that lived for sixteen years and laid unfertilized eggs. I am one of only a handful of individuals to have seen and photographed the rare ‘coydog’, or eastern coyote.


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